• GitHub: No supported authentication methods available

    After installing Git and TortoiseGit for use with GitHub on my home pc, I was hooked. But for some reason, the same thing wouldn’t work on my pc at work.

    TortoiseGit throws an error when syncing with GitHub

  • The Satisfaction Of Deletion

    leftYou’ve been working on this piece of code for some time now. A couple of days, maybe even weeks. It all works, although a bit hairy. Then you wake up one day, with an epiphany. This code can be reduced to about half it’s size! So you start refactoring the pages of code that now seem inefficient. Without any hesitation, you’re deleting days of blood, sweat and tears.

  • C++ Adventures: Inheritance

    In Object Oriented Programming, inheritance is one of the most important principals. It basically means expanding an existing class with methods, fields or perhaps other members. C++ has by far the most flexible inheritance model I’ve ever seen in a programming language. Though it is quite hard to use, compared to Java en C#. For the most part, the syntax is quite similar and if you already understand OOP and inheritance, you’ll get the hang of it in no-time.

  •  It’s the damn users. They’ve ruined every program I’ve ever created. 


  • XNA 4: Using the graphics device with a custom window

    When using Xna’s excellent classes to create a game, sometimes you don’t want to use the Game class, but you rather want to implement this yourself. This requires a custom window, along with a custom game loop.

  • C++ Adventures: Object Orientation

    From the very first day at school, computer science, we where bombarded with a phenomenon known as Object Oriented Programming, or OOP for short. During the first year, many of us saw the beauty of it, which probably was why we where supposed to use it. We never really got to alternative methods of programming, so it must’ve been the holy grail of software engineering.

  • C++ Adventures: The Stack And The Heap

    If you’ve been developing in Java-like languages and never had anything to do with memory management, you may not know what the stack and the heap are and what they do.

  • C++ Adventures: The Basics

    Lately I’ve been learning C++ and coming from languages like Java and C#, it’s quite a transition. I’ve been meaning to get started with C++ for a while now, but never really got to it. In that time, there has been lots of talk to whereas the language would be a big step, because of the complicated aspects one doesn’t have in Java-like languages.