Some time ago, a couple of months after releasing SlenderMod, I came across a page on Wikia. I found it very interesting people are actually collecting facts and theories about slenderman in our version of the game. There are some inconsistencies in the page however, so I thought I’d provide some explanations.

It is set in a grayscale (black and white) map with ambient music beginning before the 1st note is collected. The design of the game is more in 2D than 3D.

I’m not really sure what the writer meant by being more 2D than 3D, but the game is very much 3D. It could be the post-processing effects we added like contrast and vignetting, to accomplish a classic horror movie-like feeling.

The game is still in its trial mode, but has been praised by critics and gamers to be a lot creepier than The Eight Pages.

The ‘trial version’ text in the bottom-right corner of the game bit us in the behind quite a few times already. Now here’s the thing: it refers to the Unity engine. So SlenderMod is, as a matter of fact, the full version and the final version. Because we required some pro features, we had to use the pro trial to build a release version.

The pages are brightly lit, so they are easy to spot from a distance.

This is indeed accurate. We tried to make SlenderMod a bit easier than the original, because that one felt too hard to complete.

The map is supposed to be double the size than the map in Slender: The Eight Pages. (It is surrounded by a huge concrete wall).

We didn’t actually set a fixed size, like exactly twice the size of the original. Tim tried to make a map which gave the player a stronger sense of being all alone in this giant forest.

You play as a female character in this game.

True, we liked the idea of a little, defenseless girl as the protagonist, because it adds to the helplessness.

There is a glitch where you’ll sometimes see the SlenderMan, but you won’t die. This will be fixed in later versions to avoid cheating.

These are actually the infamous poofers, inspired by the name sharing guys from Amnesia. There are a couple of poofers in the game, one of which at the ruins, which will show up when you turn around at the 'Behind You’ note. Poofers will go off only once, if you trigger one, all of them get disabled.

The girl you play as seems to get tired easily when sprinting and will breathe heavily whenever tired rather than The Eight Pages version. This could be caused by Slender sickness or by Slender Man himself.

I’m really impressed by the creativity that got into this one. The reality is a lot simpler, I’m afraid. The breathing is to discourage sprinting, so the player will be forced to move slowly through the map. Also, it adds to the scary atmosphere of the game.

One of the pages you collect shows a drawing of Slender Man holding hands with a little girl.

The drawing with the little girl depicts one of Slendy’s victims. It seems this is one of our more twisted additions.

My best friend

There is a grave that marks “Here lies Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg (Pewdiepie), who was killed by Barrels (Pewdie’s nemesis).

We love Pewdiepie. Enough said.

In the bathroom there is a broken light that flickers on and off rapidly which makes the bathroom easily noticeable from far way.

The flickering light is based on an actual light in a hallway near Tim’s residence, which was broken and flickered similarly at the time of development.

The pages are easier to see (they glow in the dark).

This is correct, done on purpose.

It is not possible to escape, once all eight pages are collected you just run around until the Slender Man catches you which he will.

Also true, I believe this was the same in the original. It’s a lot of fun to see people panic when they realize nothing happens when they’re done. The only difference with dying before finding all notes is that you get to see some credits.

The jumpscare music when you see the Slender Man is different.

We got our very own piano slam, although you’ll only hear it when Slendy is very close.

The Slender Man has a new model, he has claws, he is less tall, he has a longer tie, his tie is black instead of red (in some games Slender Man has a red tie).

Tim created his own model, but we should have made him somewhat taller. His hands are replaced with tentacles.

One of the pages reads, "BEHIND YOU”. When collected, if you look behind you, Slender Man will be right there, but will instantly disappear the next second. This is just for scares and will not kill you.

As stated earlier, this is one of the poofers. A poofer cannot kill you and if you already triggered a poofer elsewhere, you won’t see this one. It is not required to pick up the note to trigger the poofer.